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Welcome to the MacTheatre Fund's fabulous new Shopping Portal, the FASTEST, EASIEST, and CHEAPEST way to support the MacTheatre Fund and theatre education in Central Texas!

Working with various online vendors and an outfit called Commission Junction, you can now shop online as you always have at your favorite online retailers with one BIG DIFFERENCE. As long as you start from this page and go to the online vendor from our portal, a portion of your purchases will be donated to the MacTheatre Fund. You don't have to do a thing!

Note that the online shopping experience is exactly the same as if you went to the vendor's site directly. The prices are exactly the same, you'll be able to take advantage of any sales just as you always have, and you will complete your purchase using the vendors standard shopping cart. No credit card information or any other information will be shared with the MacTheatre Fund.

The key is a special code that is sent to the online vendor when you link from our web page. This code identifies our website as the website that referred you to their shopping site, and in return, the online vendor pays us a commission for any purchase that you make. The commissions can range anywhere from 1% to 50% of your purchase price depending on the vendor, with bonuses for frequent purchases or certain monthly goals. Remember: you must come here to link to your online vendor, and you must stay on the vendor's site in order for this to work. If you leave the vendor's site for any reason before completing your purchase, you must return here and link again.

To get started, click on the picture above or here.


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